mindful creativity

give your brain a break

How often have you thought "I just want something mindless?"

I find myself thinking this at the end of a stressful day.

And so often my solution is to reach for my phone.

Even though it does help distract my brain for a little while to scroll social media, it's often not as helpful as I want it to be.

I can end up comparing myself to the people I see. And by the time I put down my phone, many times I just feel worse.

When I feel myself getting stuck in this cycle, I seek out another way to distract my brain.

Instead, I like to reach for my lettering.

the outlet i needed

a spa day for your brain

While your hands are creating, your brain gets to focus on the creative process.

And while you are focused on creating, your brain can't be spiraling and worrying about a million other things.

When I first started lettering, I tried to focus on these mindful phrases as I lettered them and allow them to fill me up.

And I found the more that I practiced, the more these phrases stuck with me.

My brain would pluck them out of the blue during other times in my day, even when I wasn't lettering.

All of a sudden...

my brain was helping me to feel more positive.

creating for mindfulness

it's all about the process

It was the process of lettering that helped me to refocus my anxious brain.

But I know it can be hard to focus on just creating when you are worried about how something might turn out.

So I created a book to help.

The book is designed with 30 days of positive phrases in 5 unique lettering styles to TRACE.

YES, you trace them!

Tracing is a great way to practice and learn lettering, but it also takes the pressure off of having to MAKE something with your lettering.

You can focus on the message of your lettering rather than what it looks like.

You get to just relax and enjoy the process.

No-pressure creativity

$35.00 Sale Save
  • Choose your binding style (top spiral is great for lefties!)
  • Choose base kit or kit + tracing add-on (best value).

Daily Mindful Lettering

Lettering book for beginners

You don't need any lettering experience to use this workbook. This is a relaxing creativity practice that anyone can do!

Learn mindful calligraphy

Each book comes with the two pens that you need, plus a video tutorial where I introduce you to your book and show you exactly how to use it.

30 days of affirmations

Just one phrase a day. You can do it in as little as 5 minutes. Watch how these affirmations help you to relax and find more mindfulness throughout your day.

NEW add-on option

You can add a full pad of tracing paper to your workbook kit at a BIG discount. It's the best way to make your workbook last - so you can trace pages multiple times!

one more thing:

we don't have to be perfect.

Why is it that we expect ourselves to be perfect at something when we've never tried it before?

This book isn't about having perfect lettering. Yes, you will likely get better at lettering the more you practice, but that's not the goal of this book.

Instead, I want to encourage you to enjoy the process.

Just HAVE FUN with it!

We are allowed to enjoy things even if we're not "good" at them!

The benefits of mindful lettering apply no matter what your lettering looks like. This isn't for a museum. It's not about making something "perfect."

It's just for YOU.

$35.00 Sale Save

Learn 5 different lettering styles and enjoy the mindful practice of lettering.

Each book introduces 5 different styles: serif uppercase, serif lowercase, casual script, brush calligraphy, and a flourished design.

Then there are 30 days of mindful affirmations to trace and practice - each day you trace the phrase in all 5 lettering styles, and then have some blank space to doodle, journal, or practice more lettering. 

This workbook is made using high-quality, 80lb uncoated opaque paper. It is super thick and smooth, kind to your brush pens and won't bleed through! 

Base Kit includes:

  • choice of top or side spiral 88-page workbook
  • 2 artist-quality brush pens
  • a full video tutorial

NEW Tracing Add-On Option

  • choosing this option includes a full 50-page pad of my favorite tracing paper (typically $10) for just an additional $4.50. 
  • this is the best deal - AND it allows you to get multiple uses out of your workbook!

want to learn more?

watch my full video walk through

I'll show you exactly what's included and give you a preview of the affirmations and lettering styles included in this book.

I'll also tell you more about the different workbook options, including our new tracing paper add-on option that gives you a great discount!