Download Your Free Summer Calendar!


Ready to kick off summer with a colorful calendar?

This download is free for my email subscribers - you can print it out as a single page, as a giant poster, or in pieces to assemble a poster at home!

One of my favorite ways to kick off the summer with my kids is coloring in this calendar and writing in fun activities that we have planned - from big trips to simple summer fun so we can all look forward to it together!

I'm including two download options, below. 

OPTION #1 - 24x36 Summer Calendar Download

You can have it printed at your local Staples as a BLACK AND WHITE ENGINEERING PRINT.

To do this, you can either:
-Save the file on a flash drive and take it into Staples and tell them you'd like a Black and White Engineering print made.
-Call your local Staples and ask for their email address so you can email them the file to be printed as a Black and White Engineering print.

***This can be printed up to 24"x36" but you can also most definitely save these files and just print them off on a regular 8.5x11 letter sized paper on your printer for a smaller size!!***

OPTION #2 - Summer Calendar PIECES

If you don't have the time or money to have them printed at Staples, you can do it at home! Print out this file that includes "Pieces" of the Calendar that you can then tape together and use to make a big calendar.

Make sure you SAVE the file to your computer FIRST before printing them and do not select "fit picture to frame" or "crop to fit" when printing so it won't cut anything off. After printing, you'll have to trim some of the edges before taping or gluing them together but they overlap so it'll work great.

Need some help to get started?

Watch this video for tips on how to print & assemble Option #2: 

I hope you love adding some colorful fun to your summer!

If you share your calendar on social media, I would love to see it! Make sure you tag me at @handlettereddesign

Happy coloring!

Xoxo- Lisa

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