healing through creativity

a lettering tool for body & mind

Lettering has become the outlet I need whenever my brain gets stressed.

But what about helping our BODIES to relax?

You might be surprised to hear it, but mindful lettering has power over pain, too.

This workbook will guide you on a 30 day healing journey to help you emotionally, physically, mentally and more.

Start Your Healing Journey

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little mindful moments

find peace through creating

We all know what it feels like to struggle with pain.

Maybe right now, you feel pain that's physical, like from an injury, sickness, or chronic illness. Or maybe you are struggling with the pain of trauma, heartache, or other difficult emotions.

Or, maybe you're finding yourself in a positive place right now, but you remember what it's like to live with these struggles.

For me, it helps to have a "toolbox" ready to help in painful moments.

This workbook is an automatic go-to in that toolbox.

It's a way to help my brain and body to find calm and focus on positive, healing affirmations when I need them most.

Daily Mindful Lettering

Lettering book for beginners

You don't need any lettering experience to use this workbook. This is a relaxing creativity practice that anyone can do! It's great for both adults and teens and makes a great gift.

Learn mindful calligraphy

The book starts off by introducing you to multiple mindful lettering styles. Each book comes with the two pens that you need, plus a video tutorial where I introduce you to your book and show you how to use it.

30 days of affirmations

Just one phrase a day. You can do it in as little as 5 minutes. Watch how these affirmations for your healing journey help you take steps towards a healthier you.

this book is for everyone.

When you allow your brain to focus on these healing affirmations, your mind learns to turn to them during moments when you aren't creating, too.

When I first started lettering, this was an amazing discovery for me!

I found that the positive and uplifting words that I was lettering really started to sink in.

And the more that I lettered them, the more often I found myself thinking them automatically during stressful or painful moments.

When your brain has these positive thoughts to go to, it can help you to stop the fear that so often comes along with pain.

It can help you to recognize that healing takes time, but YOU are resilient.

YOU can do this.

$35.00 Sale Save

This new book has 30 days of healing affirmations to help you focus on recovery - whether that's your physical, mental, or emotional health. Each affirmation is written in 4 different lettering styles so you can trace and practice your lettering while channeling some positivity and mindfulness. Each day also includes a final flourished design to trace and gives you space to doodle or letter whatever feels right to you on that day. 

What's Inside:

Learn 5 different lettering styles and enjoy the mindful practice of lettering.

Positive affirmations have been shown to help change our narrative, our outlook and help us to feel more hopeful, relaxed, and happy. Lettering them daily is a powerful way to internalize them and bring more joy to our lives.

Each day, there is a meaningful affirmation that you will learn to letter in 5 different styles: Print, Monoline Script, Faux Calligraphy, Brush Calligraphy, and a Flourished Design.

There is also some free space each day for you to practice lettering, journal, doodle, or use however you'd like.

Included with the purchase is a video tutorial.  Let me take you through each page and show you how to use the book, hold the pens, and get the most out of this daily activity.

You can also order our brand new KIT option - which includes a super discounted pad of my favorite tracing paper for lettering. I like to paper clip a sheet on top of my favorite workbook pages to practice them over and over. This kit is the best deal and it helps you get multiple uses out of your workbook!

Enjoy this book as it walks you through 30 days of improving your lettering and improving your mindset.

-88 pages of lettering goodness

-80 lb uncoated opaque text paper

-Thick, smooth and doesn’t bleed

want to learn more?

watch my full video walk through

I'll show you exactly what's included and give you a preview of the affirmations and lettering styles included in this book.

I'll also tell you more about the different workbook options, including our new KIT option that gives you a great discount!