Let's do some Mindful Lettering!

Thanks for joining me for my March Mindful Lettering Challenge!

The Challenge started with one mindful word a day for the first 10 days of March.


And now I've made all 10 days worth of free worksheets and videos available for anyone who missed it.

Click here to download all 10 free worksheets

Let me walk you though how to use these worksheets. Each page has 4 steps:

These steps are teaching you the faux calligraphy method of hand lettering. 

This is a style of lettering that you can do with ANY writing utensil. A pencil, pen, marker, crayon -anything you have lying around your house. 


The great thing about this style of lettering is it allows you to create that modern calligraphy look without needing to use pressure with a brush pen. 

You can trace right on top of the words on these worksheets or you can just follow along and letter on a new sheet of paper as you look at the worksheet. 


I also recorded lettering videos so that you can watch and follow along with me for each worksheet. 

In each day's video, I show you how to use the worksheet, talk about why that word is meaningful for me, and teach you a little bit more about other ways you can step up your lettering and make it even fancier if you want to. 

Each video is between 5-10 minutes long so it won't take you a lot of time to follow along and do the worksheet with me. 

Just click on the link below that matches the worksheet you are working on. Let's start lettering together!

Day 1: breathe video

Day 2: allow video

Day 3: trust video

Day 4: believe video

Day 5: surrender video

Day 6: peace video

Day 7: enough video

Day 8: love video

Day 9: abundance video

Day 10: grateful video 

I created this challenge with one word a day, but since you have all ten words you can practice with them however you like.

You can space these out and do one per day with me, to see how it feels to add a regular mindful lettering practice to your life. 

Or you can choose just ONE word, to give this a try. Or you can letter them all right now. You could do each worksheet, or you could letter a collage of all the words on a single piece of paper. 

You can use your favorite notebook or a post-it or a scrap envelope that's headed for your recycling bin. Do this however works for YOU.

However you letter, I just want to encourage you to take a few moments to slow down, breathe, and really think about the word you are lettering. Let it fill you up in whatever way is meaningful for you. 

I hope you enjoy a little more mindfulness with this lettering practice.

Happy lettering!

Xo -Lisa

PS - Want to learn more about lettering as a mindfulness practice? You can read more about my lettering journey here