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Hi! I'm Lisa Funk.

Hand lettering isn't just my favorite hobby, it's the creative outlet that changed my life. 

For years, I thought I was doing the right thing putting everyone else's needs before mine. I couldn’t figure out how to really de-stress until I prioritized CREATING. 

Practicing hand lettering taught me the tools I needed to free myself from the negative thought loops that I used to find myself stuck in. 

If you struggle with your mental health, or you are stressed and can't find time for YOU, or you just want to learn a new fun and purposeful hobby that will help your mindset, you're in the right place.

What IS Mindful Lettering?

Combining creativity and mindfulness can be so powerful, but we need to allow ourselves to create without judging the process. 

I want to encourage you to embrace imperfection. Enjoy the process of learning. Create for the sake of creating, not for a perfect end product. 

Yes, you will probably get better at lettering as you practice! But I want you to be able to enjoy every step of the way. 

You don't have to be good at lettering to enjoy the benefits of it. You can enjoy the process of slowing down and taking a little time just for you. 

We make workbooks, lettering tools, and online courses to help you learn beginner hand lettering. 

Learn the lettering skills you need while focusing on powerful mindful affirmations to help retrain your brain to relax through creativity.  

Beginner Lettering Workbooks

daily mindful lettering

Want a creative way to practice mindfulness? This Daily Mindful Lettering Book introduces you to beginner brush pen lettering with 30 days of love-filled affirmations to trace and practice. 

You'll learn 5 different lettering styles and you can start practicing with just 5 minutes a day. 

This workbook kit includes:

  • Choice of Top Bound or Side Spiral Workbook
  • 30 Days of Mindful Affirmations in 5 Unique Lettering Styles
  • 2 Brush Pens
  • A detailed video tutorial
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You can practice these workbooks in any order. Choose the topic that resonates most with what you need now: Love, Peace & Calm, or Healing. 

the creative lettering journal

Learn the hand lettering technique that you can do with a pen, pencil, or any writing utensil! 

This workbook teaches you faux calligraphy through alphabet tracing pages, inspirational quotes, reflective journaling pages and more. 

Free Lettering Downloads & Tutorials

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More on the blog

I love sharing lettering videos and resources on my blog. See more tutorials and tips here.

Online Lettering Courses

I also teach online lettering courses, where you can learn along with me at your own pace. 

Get started with brush pen lettering, use your lettering skills on a new project like handmade greeting cards, learn to letter on your iPad with the Procreate App, and lots more. 

You get lifetime access to a course when you order, and you can pause and rewatch as many times as you like. 

See all our lettering courses here or check out some of my favorites below:

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Ultimate Hand Lettered Greeting Card Course
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Welcome to Chalk Art 101
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Beginning with Brush Pens Online Course

More Mindfulness

Come hang out on my big blue couch as we chat about all things creativity and mental health in my Podcast, Committed to Create. 

I get really real with you about dealing with stress and anxiety and give you some inside looks at my creative process. My goal is to help you know that you are not alone!

The Hand Lettering Tools You Need

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Guide to Mindful Lettering Bundle
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Perfect Pen Pouch Starter Kit - Pink Canvas
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Mixed Set of 3 Perfect Lettering Notebooks