Digital PDF & iPad version

Kids need creativity.

And creativity that uses powerful positive phrases can be HUGELY beneficial for kids mental health.

That's why I created a mindful lettering workbook just for kids.

And now, you can order your own DIGITAL version of this book to print out at school or home, or for kids to use on an iPad.

I want this book to be accessible for any kids who are struggling with anxiety and need a helpful and fun mindfulness practice.

Mindful Lettering is a Super Power

I love this book as an activity to teach mindfulness to kids.

This is a great resource for educators, counselors, therapists, parents, grandparents - anyone with kids in your life!

The book tells a story that kids will love.

But they'll also learn handwriting skills AND some amazing kid-friendly mindfulness tools to use anytime they are feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

you get two digital copies

When you order this digital version, it includes 2 files for you to download:

a PDF for printing


a procreate file for using on the iPad.

I love that teachers can print the PDF out as worksheets for their class.

Or, you can add the sheets to a binder inside sheet protectors so that kids can letter using dry or wet erase markers over and over!

video walkthrough included

This digital version also includes a page by page video walkthrough of the book.

This walkthrough was designed for kids, so it's like I'm sitting right there with them, teaching them how to do each and every letter.

It's like I'm sitting right next to them

This course is a huge value in and of itself! 

It includes 8 Chapters with over 3 Hours of video instructions where I talk to kids about how to use the book and what it means to be mindful, creative, and kind to ourselves. 

every page from the physical book is included

letter with the mindful mates

First we'll meet the 5 Mindful Mates. Up first is Gigi the Giraffe! Her lettering style is tall, just like a giraffe. We'll practice using her letters by tracing words that will help kids feel calm.

yes... cursive included!

The last of the Mindful Mates will teach kids traditional cursive.We'll practice each individual letter and learn how to connect them together before we practice tracing some mindful phrases in script.

Super Power Phrases

After we meet all 5 Mates and learn their lettering styles, we'll combine them all in these Super Power Phrases! The Mates want kids to remember these phrases to help anytime they're feel stressed. 

Fun Lettering Projects

At the very end of the book, we'll create some fun projects using all that we've learned! Lettering is so much fun to use in lots of different ways and we'll try some of them here in the book. 

Mindful Lettering for Kids *Digital Bundle*

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This Product includes:

  • 1 digital PDF version of the full Mindful Lettering for Kids book, for printing.
  • 1 digital Procreate version of the full Mindful Lettering for Kids book, for use on an iPad.
  • 1 digital brush pen file, for installing in the Procreate app for use on an iPad
  • Full online course for kids, with over 3-hours of step-by-step tutorial videos.

Procreate App sold separately.

This is a fully digital product. NO PRODUCTS WILL BE MAILED TO YOU.

I see how powerful creativity is for my kids.

My kids were a huge inspiration for me in creating this book and it's so sweet how excited they are to use it!

Now, I'm even more excited to help get this book into the hands of teachers, parents, and other educators who need it.

I'm so honored that you see a place for my book. in your classrooms and families, and I can't wait to see how you make it your own.

I recommend this book for kids ages 5-12.

This book is also available as a physical workbook.

For teens, I recommend my newest physical workbook, Mindful Lettering for Fun: Plant Edition.

And if you're curious to learn more about the technology needed to use the iPad version, learn more about iPad lettering here.