Using Markers for Faux Calligraphy


Hello friends! Are you ready to get beautiful hand lettering WITHOUT using a dip pen or brush pen?

I teach a method called faux calligraphy in my Creative Lettering Journal and my Intro to Hand Lettering and Faux Calligraphy Online Course.

Faux Calligraphy is SO great if you are new to hand lettering, because you can do it with ANY marker, pen, or pencil that you have lying around! That's right: no new tools needed. Ready to see how I do it?

Start by drawing your word or letter as a single line. Then, using your same writing utensil, go back and thicken the downstrokes of each letter. When you manually thicken your downstrokes, it gives the look of modern calligraphy without any fancy technique!

Faux Calligraphy Hand Lettering with Markers

You can also use markers (like these markers that I sell in my shop!) to create this look a different way: by varying the angles and pressure that you use with your marker. 

Watch both methods in the demo below!


Have you tried faux calligraphy? I love using our Faber Castell markers for this beginner hand lettering method. Each pen in the set is double-sided so you get 48 different colors to choose from! Check out the set here

Xo, Lisa

PS - If you're ready to try brush lettering next, I've got you! Check out my post and tutorial all about How To Hold Your Brush Pen to get started!

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