New Daily Mindful Lettering Book is HERE! 🎉


Hello my lettering friends!

I'm SO excited to share that my new Daily Mindful Lettering workbook is now available for you. This is volume 3 in my Daily Mindful Lettering series, and the topic is "Your Healing Journey." 


This new workbook was inspired by a member of this lettering community who reached out to me about her battle with cancer and how she discovered hand lettering during her treatments. She told me that lettering became a creative play that allowed her to destress and she called it "soul-food for healing".

This wonderful, brave, inspiring woman's name is Rachael, and you'll read more of her story in the new book.

I was so moved by her story. Using mindful lettering as a way to refocus and regain creative energy during a recovery is something that I experienced too. It really helped me out of a dark place after a mentally and physically tough time.

In talking to Rachael, something just clicked for me: we could help bring this healing journey to other people too through Daily Mindful Lettering.

This new book has 30 days of healing affirmations to help you focus on recovery - whether that's your physical, mental, or emotional health. Each affirmation is written in multiple lettering styles so you can trace and practice your lettering while channeling some positivity and mindfulness.

I truly believe in the benefits of mindful creativity, and I think this just might be one of my most powerful books yet.

You can shop the whole Daily Mindful Lettering Collection here.

Daily Mindful Lettering Collection

I can't wait to hear what you think of this new book. You can learn more about it and take a look inside here.

Xoxo 💚 Lisa

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