This truly might be the most important step to start lettering…

Lisa Funk @ 2020-05-02 11:36:42 -0700

What I am going to share today may be the most important part to help lettering change your life! (no joke: it truly has changed my outlook on life!)

When I ask about peoples’ struggles with lettering, a lot of people tell me that they are lacking inspiration! They get stumped when they sit down with their pen and paper knowing what to write. So maybe they decide to look at what someone else is writing or copy super popular phrases that have been posted a bunch already. There is nothing wrong with that – I just believe there is a better way!

I just want MORE for you. I want you to focus on finding words that make your heart sing! Words that make you think or that are really funny to you or whatever floats your boat. I just want to encourage you to be original. Later on we’ll talk about finding your lettering style but this is about finding your ‘content style.’ Whether you’re just doing this for you to see or if you have a lettering business, I just want to encourage you to take time to really think about your passions and how you can do lettering in your own way!

STEP #1 to Wholehearted Lettering: Gathering Good Words

Tip #1 – Decide on a “home” for your Lettering List

I often use the notes section on my phone (it’s pretty much always with me!) but you can also get a little notebook or journal or even a sheet of paper hanging on the fridge. Whatever works for you that you think you can be consistent with.

Tip #2 – Think about what really matters to YOU.

Asking yourself these questions may help get you thinking – What am I feeling anxious or worried about? What am I excited about or looking forward to? What have I been struggling with? What do I love doing? Who are the most important people in my life? What does my dream life look like?

Tip #3 – Start paying attention to the words all around you.

You may be surprised that when you are on the hunt for words to letter that all of a sudden you notice new lyrics in songs you’ve heard that you didn’t know were there or you’ll hear something darling your child says in a deeper and more meaningful way or when you’re having a conversation with a friend something you or they say will stick out to you.

Pretty much my favorite thing to do is think about what I might be worried or stressed about that day and what advice I need. I think: What words will help me to feel better? What advice would I give a friend going through the same thing? How can I make meaning out of this situation? This is partly why lettering feels like therapy to me because I really am giving myself advice!

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