Ready for some more lettering?

Day 2

Today's word is: Allow.

This word has been so powerful for me as I have learned how to allow myself to feel all my emotions (especially anxiety) instead of fighting against them. I found that my anxiety would stick around so much longer when I was fighting against it, so learning to allow myself to feel that emotion was so helpful. 

Lettering the word "allow" helps me to get back into that headspace and to focus on the things and feelings that I really want!

Download the worksheet

You can print this out and trace right on the paper, use a sheet of tracing paper, or just follow along on your own paper like I do in the video tutorial.

Remember, you don't need any fancy pens to do this kind of lettering! I'm using a marker, but you could use a pen, pencil, chalk, or anything you have handy.

Watch the video tutorial

In today's video, I walk you through step by step how to use this worksheet and write "allow" in this faux calligraphy style.

You did it!

Thanks for lettering with me again today.

You're giving your brain a well-deserved creative break, and treating it to a little dose of mindfulness too!

I hope you enjoyed and I'll see you again tomorrow!

xoxo- Lisa

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