Here we go!

Day 3

Today's word is: TRUST.

This word can mean so many things and is a powerful way to give yourself some encouragement.

Grab whatever pen, marker, or pencil you want and let's letter together!

Download the worksheet

Feel free to print this out and trace right on the paper (or use a sheet of tracing paper).

Or you can just letter on whatever spare bit of paper you have. You don't need to print this out to watch the video and follow along, but you can if you'd like to!

Watch the video tutorial

Let's go through all four steps together!

In this video I'll show you how to follow the worksheet for a faux calligraphy lettering style.

I'll also show you some fun ways you can change things up with flourishing or different lettering styles!

Great job today!

Thank you for taking a moment for yourself and your creativity.

If you missed any of the days in the challenge so far, here are the links to go back to days 1 & 2:

Day 1: Breathe

Day 2: Allow

And if you know anyone who might like to join this challenge with you, send them this link where they can sign up!

Thanks and see you tomorrow ❤️

Xo- Lisa