let's relax and create

Day 4

Today's word is: believe.

Remember, this challenge is about giving yourself a few relaxing minutes to create - it is NOT about expecting to make perfect hand lettering!!

You can scribble the word "believe" all over a post-in note and it still counts. I want you to participate in what ever way makes sense for you today.

Download the worksheet

In my videos, I use this worksheet as a guide as I letter on a blank sheet of paper. You can find my favorite paper for lettering here!

But you can also print this out and trace right on the worksheet. Tracing helps with muscle memory and is a powerful way to practice lettering.

Watch the video tutorial

We'll go letter by letter and step by step in this video.

I letter S-L-O-W-L-Y. Take your time and follow along!


I'm so glad you're along for this mindful lettering ride with me.

If you missed any of the days in the challenge so far, here are the links to go back to Days 1 - 3:

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And if you know anyone who might like to join this challenge with you, send them this link where they can sign up!

Sending lots of love to you ❤️

Xo- Lisa