Halfway there!

Day 5

Today's word is: surrender.

It feels like a good day for us to reset and recenter. I hope this practice helps you to do just that.

Download the worksheet

Use this worksheet however you like:

  • to trace right on the sheet
  • to trace using tracing paper
  • as a guide while you letter elsewhere

Watch the video tutorial

Can you believe we're on Day 5 already?

This is one of the two longest words of the Challenge, so let's take our time and relax while we letter together.

great work!

Thank you again for being here. This Challenge is such a good reminder for me to take time to create and I hope it's proving helpful for you too.

If you missed any of the days in the challenge so far, here are all the links:

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Day 2: Allow

Day 3: Trust

Day 4: Believe

And if you know anyone who might like to join this challenge with you, send them this link where they can sign up!

Until tomorrow...

Xoxo- Lisa