Let's letter together

Day 6

Our mindful word of the day is: PEACE.

I hope it brings you peace to take a few moments and letter with me today!

Download the worksheet

Print this out to follow along with me or to practice on your own anytime you like!

By the way, if you share about your practice I would love to see it. You can tag me on Instagram @handlettereddesign.

Watch the video tutorial

Today we get into even more types of lettering you can do beyond the faux calligraphy style on this worksheet.

Maybe today, you just scribble the word "peace" all over a notepad that you have handy.

Or, you can follow along with me in the video!

how are you feeling?

Peaceful, I hope!

I have a workbook filled with daily affirmations for peace and calm that you might enjoy if you liked today's practice. Check it out here.

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And it's still not too late to invite someone else to join us! Send them this link where they can sign up and get all the free worksheets and videos.

Have a great rest of your day!

Xo- Lisa