My Newest Workbook

Mindful Lettering for FUN: Plant Edition

This new book makes an amazing gift for anyone in your life (maybe its you!) who could use a little more fun and creativity in their day-to-day.

My teenage daughter helped me come up with the adorable concept for this book. In it, we use plants to help us identify different kinds of mindful thinking to help us combat our "prickly" negative thoughts. And we'll learn drawing, 5 new lettering styles, and powerful mindful phrases along the way!

Which book should I start with?

If you are new to lettering and aren't sure where to start, I can help!

This quiz will match you with the perfect lettering workbook, whether you are shopping for yourself or looking for a unique gift idea for someone else. 

Daily Mindful Lettering

Take the 30 Day Challenge!  Change your mindset and focus on meaningful words and thoughts with the Daily Mindful Lettering books.  Each day you'll practice 5 different lettering styles, this is a relaxing way to add positivity to your life!

My first workbook just for kids

Mindful Lettering for Kids

This book introduces kids to a crew of Mindful Mates (the 5 cute characters on the cover!) who teach them a unique lettering style (one is traditional cursive) and some powerful words and phrases that they can use to help them handle big emotions. 

It comes with a marker set, tracing paper, and over 3 hours of video where I walk kids through EVERY page of the book!

Want to step up your lettering?

Learn Flourishing

My Guide to Flourishing Book is packed with tips and instructions on how to take your lettering from basic to really beautiful.  I'll show you my method for connecting letters together and adding style to your creations.  This is one of my most densely packed books and it includes a video tutorial and a brush pen. 

I recommend that you have some lettering experience before using this book, but don't let that intimidate you! We'll go slowly and take it one letter at a time.

Give your mail a handmade touch

Lettering for Cards

Make your cards more meaningful by creating them yourself! There's a special magic that comes with making and writing cards that we don't get in our modern everyday lives.

In this course, I'll show you how I make cards for all occasions, and I'll provide the resources you need to add beauty and personality to the card and envelope!

I think that handmade cards are a bit of a lost art, but I am ready to bring them back! 

Are you with me?