Calm Gift Guide 2022

We all could use a bit more peace & calm, and not just during the holidays! These gifts are great for anyone on your list who might be feeling a little overwhelmed or anxious. Give a gift that helps find more mindfulness and encourages some relaxing me-time.  

DailY Mindful Lettering Book for Peace & Calm

If you know someone who struggles with stress or anxiety, this book will make such a powerful gift. 

I designed this book specifically for anyone who is struggling or is simply looking for more calming moments in their day. It includes 30 days of positive, peaceful affirmations that take just a few minutes each day to do. 

Positive affirmations have been shown to help change our inner narrative and help us feel more hopeful, relaxed and happy. That is the goal of this beginner lettering workbook. 

The guide to mindful lettering bundle

Give the gift of a meaningful hobby that ALSO helps to destress and find more joy. 

The Guide to Mindful Lettering includes 50 affirmations to help inspire mindfulness while building hand lettering skills. I teach brush calligraphy in this workbook (I also have a faux calligraphy workbook – both are great for beginners!) 

The bundle includes our super smooth tracing paper (for practicing pages multiple times), our Perfect Pen Pouch and my 3 favorite brush pens. 

Intro to hand lettering & faux calligraphy course

This self-paced course gives lifetime access to my online classroom, where I teach how to get started with lettering and faux calligraphy (using ANY writing utensil) 

Lettering has become an outlet for creativity for me and an escape from everyday tasks where I can slow down and focus on meaningful words and thoughts. 

I teach exactly how to do this in this course in 10 Chapters of video lessons. And remember, this one can be done with a simple marker – no need for brush pens. 

dream big dreams notebook

Share a little inspiration with our “dream big dreams” notebook. This full-size notebook comes with a handy top spiral for storing pens and a sturdy chip-board backing so it’s easy to use anywhere. 

Each page has one blank side and one dot grid side. The dot grid is great for stress-free lettering in a straight line. 

The paper quality is amazing too: it’s super thick and smooth so brush pens won’t bleed through. 

Pastel dual brush pens set

A 2-for-1 deal on the softest, most peaceful colors in our pen shop. 

This pastel set is so simple and pretty for all types of lettering. Each pen has a soft brush tip on one end and a hard fine liner on the other – so this set of 6 is actually like getting 12 pens.

 I love accenting with this set: the colors are light so it’s easy to create shadows and layers in really pretty ways.  

dual brush pens in "desert flora"

An even bigger 2 for 1 deal: again each pen is double sided with a large flexible brush tip on one end and a hard tip on the other. So you basically are getting 20 pens in this compact set! 

These “desert flora” colors are inspired by the flora and fauna of the desert. Living in Arizona, I always find these colors very comforting. There’s a color for every mood!

Dot Grid paper pad

Our Lettering Dot Paper has a very subtle dot grid in the background that creates a little structure that is super helpful with all kinds of lettering, listing, and drawing. 

This paper is great for any recovering perfections (like me) who may have tried or want to try lettering but get frustrated when it doesn’t look quite right. With the dot grid as a guide, it’s so much easier to letter in a straight line (no rulers required!) 

I use this paper all the time – you can check out my real-time hand lettering guide on Instagram to see it in action. 

gifts for calm-seekers wrap-up

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