it's a lovely day for lettering...

Day 8

...And our word today is: Love!

There are countless reasons that I love focusing on this word, but I find it helpful to set an intention for myself as I letter it.

I choose to think about a certain kind of love in my life - maybe it's love that I feel for others, or love that I receive, or ways that I want to share love. What does "love" mean to you today?

Download the worksheet

You know the drill!

Download the worksheet below to print it out or use however works best for you.

Watch the video tutorial

It's tutorial time! I'll walk you through lettering "love" plus some extras all about flourishing and "nesting", which is a fun way to arrange your letters.

I hope you enjoyed!

Only two more days of our March Mindful Lettering Challenge.

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You can still share this challenge with a friend! Send them this link where they can sign up and get all the free worksheets and videos.

Until tomorrow my friends...

Xo- Lisa